Join us and travel to some of the most beautiful destinations and attractions just minutes away from Athens!


Just 70 km from Athens, beautiful natural landscapes and one of the most important archaeological sights in Attica, the temple of Poseidon.


Do not forget to visit Nafplion, the first capital of Greece, with several historical sights and stroll through the ancient alleys of the old town.


Just 80 km from Athens, visit the cosmopolitan Loutraki with a must visit with destinations like the bath city and the casino.

Ancient Korinthos

Visit the unique, well preserved and richer city of ancient Greece.


Climb to the castle of Acrocorinth, learn the story and enjoy the incredible view.

The canal of Corinth

Witness the history of the oldest reference point of Corinth city.

Mycenae - Epidavros

One of the most important archaeological sight. Discover the Cyclopean walls, the Lions Gate, the royal tombs and the well-preserved ancient Epidaurus theater.

Lake Heraion

100 km from Athens, Lake Heraion combine education and fun with archaeological sights and swimming in the beautiful lagoon.


Explore the Saronic coastline and enjoy natural landscapes and delightful beaches.


Ancient Ireon

Tolo beach